Why Do Restaurants Need to Use Retekess Systems?

Why Do Restaurants Need to Use Retekess Systems?

Why Do Restaurants Need to Use Retekess Systems?

At present, the most popular restaurants in the world will not only provide customers with delicious food, but also their meticulous service is also their magic weapon.

When the restaurant’s business is very hot or there are many guests, guests need to line up to pick up the number, and they need to wait for the customers who are dining to vacate the table before they can eat. Many restaurants will set up bar counters in the waiting area, which can also increase the restaurant’s revenue. Because most customers will choose to order a glass of wine or drink while waiting.

The Retekess guest pager system will play a role while the guests are waiting. When your guest comes to line up to pick up the number, you can give him a pager, and then he can go to the waiting area to rest, which will help reduce the crowds around the hostess stand. Help customers maintain social distancing during the COVID-19 period. When there is a free table, the pager is used to remind customers that they can return the pager and prepare the meal. The system Locate your guests quickly and immediately, whether your restaurant has a loud or quiet atmosphere.

The Retekess watch receiver can be used by the manager to notify the staff in the waiting area that there are empty tables, allowing them to lead the customers who have returned the pager to the empty seats to have a meal. Even if managers and employees are in different spaces and areas, managers can easily issue instructions, which is more efficient and convenient.

When the customer starts to eat, the call button placed on the table can be easily connected to the employee's watch receiver or display call receiver. By pressing the call button, the customer can quickly convey the information that needs service to the waiter, which will give the customer Bring a better dining experience while helping your restaurant reduce labor costs.

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