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How to Choose Watch Receiver Among Few Models?

How to choose watch receivers among TD112, T128, TD106, and TD108 watch pagers? TD112 as a new watch receiver has a very good function. But for other models, you can check more details.  ...

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Long Range Calling System Solutions-Retekess TD004, TD005 Wireless Transmitter Buttons with Retekess Watch Receiver

Retekess wireless transmitter call button and wireless watch receiver composition of wireless calling system,Retekess TD004, Retekess TD005 with its own transmitting antenna, can provide a longer transmission distance.Together with the watch receiver, the calling system can solve the communication problems of many industries and scenarios, including medical, catering, factory manufacturing, warehouse transportation, etc.  ...

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Why Choose Retekess TD112 Watch Receiver

Retekess TD112 waterproof watch receiver is the new arrival, which is the waterproof one, and there are other reasons that make the TD112 stand out from Retekess watch receivers.  ...

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How to use the Retekess T128 watch receiver

T128 smartwatch receiver is widely used in restaurants, hospitals, healthcare centers, factories, banks, and many other stores. You could find all of the watch receiver functions before buying.  ...

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TD112 watch receiver software operation

TD112 watch receiver software operation steps, if you have one and want to see more details, please check this step.  ...

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How to use TD108 watch receiver with single key function?

How to realize single key function by using TD108 watch receiver? You just use the special keypad will be fine. We have the 999 keypad transmitter work for you. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at  ...

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Why Retekess TD106 Wireless Watch Receiver

Retekess TD106 wireless calling watch receiver is IP54 waterproof and oil proof. And it supports 500 call buttons. And it works with all retekess call buttons. So you can feel free to get this one, work with all your other retekess product.  ...

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New Arrival Retekess TD106 wireless watch receiver for restaurant

Retekess TD106 is a new watch receiver, it can pair with all Retekess products. And it is IP54 waterproof, and very easy to take off the back case and charge it. It is also very comfortable for wear, and many useful functions. If you need more information, feel free to email at  ...

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T128 Wrist Watch Receiver's Introduction and Application

T128 wrist watch receive can optimize the working environment, increase productivity and create greater efficiency.  ...

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Difference Between TD110 Pager Watch and T128 Pager Watch

TD110 pager watch is a new model. The belt clip is very durable and the design looks very nice. You should try it.  ...

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