Wireless Coaster Pager Functions and Roles

Wireless Coaster Pager Functions and Roles

Wireless Coaster Pager Functions and Roles

The wireless coaster pager comprises the pagers, the charging base, and the keyboard. It is a stacked design where the buzzers are placed vertically to save space. What are the features of the paging system in practical applications? Let's take a look!

Functions of the wireless coaster pager

Retekess Wireless Coaster Pager Functions

Prompt Modes. The pager has flash, vibration, and beep prompt modes after receiving signals, and they can be combined in any way. This is for users to choose the prompting method that fits their service environment. Vibration is more useful if there is a lot of movement of people and the environment is noisy. If it is an open-air business at night, there is no doubt that adding flashing lights is the best choice.

Waterproof and drop-proof. Do not worry about touching the water will be damaged, dropped on the ground will not have any harm to the beepers. In short, it is very robust and durable, and Retekess' TD156 pager system has always played to that advantage.

Out-of-distance alert. Did not expect it? Yes, once the communication distance is exceeded, the receivers will issue an out-of-bounds alarm to tell the customer to go back. Go see if TD103 Long Range Coaster Pager System will bring you a surprise!

In addition, there are others such as one key to turn off all pagers, low battery reminders, etc.

Roles of the wireless coaster pager

Retekess Wireless Coaster Pager Roles

The most basic, but also the most central effect is the communication service. The researchers developed these products with the purpose of wireless communication, the signal sent and responded between the keyboard and the pager, cleverly linking the waiter and the customer to achieve long-distance communication. This saves staff time and even reduces their number, which not only helps companies decrease costs but also improves their efficiency.

Protecting the privacy of customers. There are also some services on the market that require clients to be tied to their cell phones to achieve alerts, which may be SMS or other messages. This is prying into the guest's privacy. Although it is not stated, some people are still more minded actually.

In fact, avoiding queues is the starting point for developing such products. Creating a good service condition and enhancing the company's image is also subtle.

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