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Smaller and lighter, Equipped with a neck strap, Stable signal and range up to 150m in an open area, Smart wireless nurse call button allows a patient or an elderly to press a button requesting assistance.


Four key function: Call; Cancel; Pay; Order; can meet varied needs; import use for restaurant; coffee shop nightclubs spas and salons club nursery church; good choice for waiting guests, caregivers elderly Strong anti interference; the working chip adopts learning code; not garbled; more stable signal Sturdy material, resistant to falling; pager uses quality ABS engineering plastic material; more durable Long working distance; the maximum working distance up to 200 meters in the open area


Retekess T133 Call button, one key. Coffee color and special design, ideal for restaurant, hotels,bars,hospital and SPAs. The advantages of using the wireless call button are faster service, increased table rotation, greater customer satisfaction and increased overall revenue


Retekess TD013 wireless Call button is widely used in restaurants, hotels, bars,hospitals, and SPA. The advantages of using the wireless call button are faster service, increased table rotation, greater customer satisfaction, and increased overall revenue. The call button can work with Retekess T128, TD108 and TD106 wireless wrist watch receiver.


Retekess TD005 transmitter call button designed for kitchen to waiter staff to increase efficiency and profitability. It compatible with Retekess T128, TD108, and TD106. It is buit-in12V/23A battery, low current draw, support transmit for 20000 times. There are build-in antenna, long range and work well through 10-15 walls. The call button is waterproof.


The keyboard call button transmitter supports 999 channels with long transmission range, can work with all Retekess wrist watch receiver or host wall receivers, work in different applications such as kitchen, factory, clinic, and so on.


This wireless transmitter call button is 433MHz;have Three key: Call, Cancel, Pay; has sticker,can be fixed on the table ;the emission range can reach 500m in open area;bulid in 12V 23A battery ;modulation modeis ASK (AM);the working chip is learning code, can use in tea or coffee house, spas and salons, health and fitness clubs, restaurants, hotel conference rooms, executive dining rooms, Saloon, nightclubs, bowling alleys, massages house, churches, casinos, golf and country clubs, hospitals


Used on hospital, clinic, Buit in 12V/23A battery, Long range and stable signal, Work with the long ranage in 200M, Make the patients' needs get a quick service.


Long range and stable signal, Buit in rechargerable 12V/23A battery, Equipped with a 59mm handle cable, which make it be available to put it on the bed for hospital clinic.


Retekess T117 is 4 key call button Portuguese Version Used in cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, hospitals, etc...Leisure and office Fashionable,Lightweight and easy to use ABS material, environmentally friendly, safe to use Can match multiple receivers at the same time Low power design, long standby Outdoor communication distance reaches 150 meters


The wireless call button 4 keys (call, order, pay, cancel), ideal for restaurants. It makes the waiter know the detailed demands of the customers in time. Wireless call button could match with watch receiver and the wireless display receiver work together. The wireless service calling system is easy to program.The call button comes with the 12V 23A battery,it replaceable and last long.


Four key function: Call, Cancel, Pay, Order, can meet varied needs, widely use for restaurants, coffee shops, nightclubs, spas, salons clubs, and nursery churches. It has the stable signal, sturdy material, resistant to falling. The pager uses quality ABS engineering plastic material, more durable.Long working distance, the maximum working distance up to 150 meters in the open area and support customize.


Retekess TD007 wireless call button is widely used for wireless paging system,software smart systems, implementation calling system in industry and so on. One-key coaster pager,very easy to understanding and use Strong and table signal, the range up to 200m in the open area,ideal for restaurant, hotels,bars,hospital and SPAs.


Waterproof, One-key design, Bulit-in 12V23A battery, Waterproof,stable signal and long range, Each call button comes with a long lanyard, Small size and light weight,easy to wear and use.