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Push for Service

Wireless Service Calling System

The wireless calling systems allow guests to use the push button to seek service, and the staff can receive service requests through the LCD display or watch pagers in time. It is also available as a staff paging system. Greatly improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The push for service system is widely used in restaurants, hotels, theaters, hospitals, clinics, stores, factories, and many other places where customers may need assistance.

Retekess service call system

The service call system includes watch receivers and display receivers, various types of call buttons, and repeaters. Different configurations can be used in multiple scenarios. Get the call system configured for your business from here.

Retekess nurse call system

The wireless nurse call system is a product portfolio solution suitable for care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. Including nurse station receiver, corridor wall receiver, watch receiver, call button, and repeater. Choose a suitable plan for your business.

Retekess call button

Retekess call button needs to be used with Retekess watch receiver or display receiver. Our call buttons have multiple colors and appearances. Buttons with different numbers of keys from 1-5 can be used with table call button transmitters or keypad transmitters. The launch distance ranges from 30 meters to 300 meters, you can choose according to your needs.

Retekess watch reveiver

The watch receiver can be used with any Retekess call buttons, which are comfortable to wear and easy to use. We have watch receivers with different performances, languages, and colors to choose from.

Retekess wireless calling system display receiver

The wireless calling system display receiver can be used with any type of Retekess call button. Display receivers of different sizes and colors can clearly display group calls and export call records. Different displays can show different groups of numbers at one time. Besides we provide customized displays showing different groups of numbers.

Retekess pager system repeater

Repeaters help extend the distance of the wireless service calling system by two to three times. And the TD021 repeater supports the use of multiple repeaters in one system. Our two repeaters are suitable for most models of products, and special models support customization.

Showing: 100

Open area working range up to 200 meters or 656 feet; stable signal

On-screen receiver with 15-level volume adjustment, attendant pager system, and supports external audio equipment

4-key function buttons: call, cancel, pay, order; paging system can add up to 999 waterproof call buttons

Space-saving: The screen is designed with a stand and string holes, allowing the receiver to be placed on the counter or hung on the wall

Anti-lost design: the button has a double-sided sticker; stick it on the table without worrying about the button being lost

Screwless design: easy to remove the back cover and replace the battery


Wireless signal transmission, is more convenient

No operation automatic sleep function

Display with detachable bracket, support placed on the desktop or hanging on the wall

Color LED light tips: standby, start, foul, success

Wireless remote control: start, timing, reset

3 kinds of answer modes: normal mode, voice mode, elimination mode 

Suitable for knowledge contests, debate contests in schools, companies

$169.99 $129.99

15-level volume adjustment, supports external audio equipment

Space-saving: The screen is designed with a stand and string holes, allowing the receiver to be placed on the counter or hung on the wall

Four-key functions: Call; Cancel; Pay; Order

Replaced battery. NOTE: There is Not Included Battery in our package, and 4pcs 1.5V AAA battery

Paste label logo freely

PC material for durable use


Retekess TD136 Service Call Display Receiver with TD010 Call Button

Adjust the volume from 0-15 levels

9 call modes can be selected at will to meet the usage scenarios of restaurants

4-keys call button for easy operation

Equipped with double-sided adhesive, easy to fix, dustproof and portable

Widely used in restaurants, hotels, clubs, etc., to improve customer satisfaction


Four-key service call buttons: Call, Pay, Order & Cancel, to meet various service calling needs in Russian restaurants

Capacitive touch buttons make it effortless to operate and permit more sensitive operation.

The scratch-resistant tempered glass panel offers long service life and greater wear resistance.

Life waterproofing makes it adaptable to various usage scenarios, Cafes and Hotels

Russian version call button key names. Size: 70*70*16mm


TH103 emergency call button for hospital, clinics and assisted living

Nurse call button with about 29.5in/75 cm length rope

Easy to pull and look for help

Can be installed in the bathroom, stairs, bedside


Call button of Retekess TM101 Wireless Quiz Buzzer System


T114 Display Receiver:

Large digital display for easy viewing

Volume adjustable 1-15 levels, can be connected to 3.5mm audio amplifier, adjust the volume  according to your needs

Partitions can be set to quickly identify which patient is calling

TD003 Call button:

Long range and stable signal

Buit in rechargerable 12V/23A battery

Equipped with a 59mm handle cable and sub button, easy to press on bed


Built-in silicone pad, IP55 waterproof handling call button

Use in humid environments, suitable for restaurants, bars, hot pots, etc

80M outdoors effective call distance

Small, thin, stick or hang with lanyard

Match Retekess all receivers, which can meet the needs of multiple scenarios

Note: It can be used only after pairing and registration with the receiver, and the call button cannot be used alone


TH005 Wireless KeysFinder, Bluetooth Tracker, and Item Locator

For Keys, Bags, Wallet, Purses, Luggage, Pets collar, TV remote control, Glasses, and More;

Range: Indoor 50ft/15m. Outdoor 100ft/30m

Anti-lost keychain design, Scratchproof, shockproof, drop-resist, no deformation, easy to clean, compact design, Cost-efficient

IOS and Android Compatible.


Retekess TD112 watch receiver with T117 wireless call button helps support faster service

TD112 Calling System support max 999 channel pagers call at the same time

One watch pager watch can add up to 500 call buttons

T117 wireless call button with four key functions: Call, Cancel, Pay, Order

Standby time is more than 8 months;Size of call button is 64*64*15mm.

Convenient to install anywhere, stick to dinning tables

Button is life waterproof, oil-proof, and easy to clean and disinfect


Adjustable volume level; adjust the volume from 0-15 levels; 

2W speaker makes the voice broadcast clear and loud

Any choice of 9 call modes to meet different usage scenarios; 

Automatic voice prompt when setting the menu; more simple and convenient

TD136 display receiver can add up to 999 wireless TD008 waterproof call button transmitter


Retekess TD108 wireless smartwatch receiver with TD010 black wireless call buttons

TD108 receiver supports English/ Portuguese/ Russian language 

TD010 call buttons are easy to operate

This combined call system is widely used in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc

More convenient and efficient


T114 Display Receiver:

Large digital display for easy viewing

Volume adjustable 1-15 levels

Can be connected to 3.5mm audio amplifier

TD002 Call Button:

Built-in 12V/23A battery

long-distance stable signal

Let the needs of patients get fast service


Adjustable volume level from 0-15

any choice of 9 calling prompt modes

Support 6 languages: EN/RU/FR/DE/ES/IT

Call history records can be viewed

Distance up to 150 meters in the open area

Equipped with lanyard, easy to carry 


Add max 999 channel pagers call at the same time

USB charging, fully charged in 3 hours

PC operation customize keys' names, set the keys to suit your needs

TD010 wireless call button with four key functions: Call, Cancel, Pay, Order

433MHz IP67 waterproof, ABS material, environmentally friendly

Stands by up to 8 months, according to different using frequency

Outdoor communication distance reaches 40 meters


Approx 1000ft/300mtrs

4 Levels of volume

IP55 Waterproof

52 Ringtones

Low power consumption


signal amplifier for Retekess pager system and service calling system

Small size and easy to install and use

Powerful and stable signal repeater

Note: Shipment within 5 business days


signal amplifier for Retekess TD183, TD175P and TD164 pager system

Small size and easy to install and use

Powerful and stable signal repeater

$45.99 $39.99

Long range communication 150m in open areas.

Plug the USB transmitter into your computer, and operate with the TD112 software to call your staff who wears a TD112 watch pager directly by the computer.

Perfect for managing staff in restaurants, hotels, retails and other business places

The setting and calling software are only for TD112 Wristwatch Pagers & TD154 Staff Paging System

If you need to use the TD030 USB transmitter with other Retekess watch receivers, we can provide the serial port protocol