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Which Audio Tour Guide System is the Best for School

Which Audio Tour Guide System is the Best for School

Which Audio Tour Guide System is the Best for School

Many students returned to school since Sep, and what system should be used for the students to make sure everyone hears clearly? The audio tour guide system is the best choice for many schools. 

Retekess supplies one-way and two-way audio tour guide systems for many applications. And most of our system is popular and widely used in the travel agencies, factories, churches, schools and so on. I will choose 2 types of tour guide system, you can choose it based on your needs. 

One way audio tour guide system

Retekes TT109 and TT105 make everyone in the study room can hear clearly, without distraction, at a volume that accommodates their needs. Studies indicate that students that hear better in the lecture room, perform better in the lecture room. The biggest difference is that TT105 with 2 transmitters and they can work in one group at the same time. But if you don't need 2 transmitters, the TT109 will be the best one, due to the long working range. We also supply the 32, 40, and 60-port charging base. 

Two-way you guide system

One-to-one training and instruction can now be two-way with headsets for the instructor or lecturer and their students - allowing questions from the students and open discussion. With Reteekss TT126 two-way tour guide system, all the people can talk and listen. It makes teaching more interesting. TT126 is the new arrival of Retekess in 2022 it is with many good features, if you want to know more, pls click here. We supply the 28-ports charging case for the TT124 tour guide system. But if you need more, pls let me know. 

No matter which type of tour guide system you need for school, you can inform us, and we will choose the best model and make the training more enjoyable.  

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