What FM Transmitter Need for My Christmas Light Show?

What FM Transmitter Need for My Christmas Light Show?

What FM Transmitter Need for My Christmas Light Show?

If you’re going to have a Christmas light display, the FM transmitter is the important part to make it come true. An FM transmitter for Christmas lighting is pretty simple, but if you’re like me, you’ve looked online and noticed that every model available has both great and terrible reviews if you look hard enough – making it extremely difficult to figure out what’s good! For that reason, this article is going to introduce what FM transmitter is used for Christmas light show and how to get the good sound?

What FM Transmitter Should You Use?

First, you need to know more clearly the rules in your local place, such as what is the max power should you use? 0.5W or 1W? Then you also need to confirm whether it is compliant with the FCC’s regulations. What frequency should you use? Then pls check your budget, 100$, 300$ or 500$?

In some cities, the FM transmitter should be less than 1W, so that the working range will be not much more longer. We have several models that are less than 1W. such as TR508, TR509. Of course, we have high power if there is no much more limited on your side, TR502 is up to 15W, and TR505 up to 25W. These FM transmitters are widely used in schools or public places. Then we also need to confirm that what frequency should we use. Finding the right frequencies to test is simple. Just head to Radio-Locator.com, and enter your location. The site will then give you a report of the best radio frequencies to use. 

How to Normalize Your Audio?

Normalizing is the simple step of taking each audio track (music and spoken) that you are using for your display and making sure it’s at the same audio level.No matter what type of music you’re doing – new, old, or a mix, you need to do this, and you can do it with a simple program like Audacity. This will ensure that no tracks are too loud or too soft – a topic that we’re about to dive in to!

How Can You Test Your FM Transmitter?

As you set up your FM transmitter, you may quickly get tired of running to your car to see if it’s working! Or use the FM radio to test it. Not only is it a time-saver for testing, but we also use it when we have friends over and people want to watch the display from the sidewalk. Once you’ve got that perfect volume dialed in, be sure to test it on a few different radios, just to be sure it’s good!

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