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How Retekess Guest Paging Systems work in Restaurants?

How Retekess Guest Paging Systems work in Restaurants?

How Retekess Guest Paging Systems work in Restaurants?

How Retekess Guest Paging Systems (T111/T112/T113/T115/T116/T118/SU-68G/TD103/SU-668) work in Restaurants?

1. How does these guest paging systems work?

Maybe there is still no any Retekess Paging System in your restaurant for the moment. Let me introduce to you how it works. So you could determine whether you need to invest a set of the wireless paging system.

1, Make the transmitter plug in the power when start working

2, The customer comes to your restaurant and makes an order.

3, The waiter gives the client a pager that has a number on it and writes down the number (some restaurant may have the ordering system which can include the pager number to the order). Then the customer could find a seat to sit down or walk around near the restaurant to wait for his food.

4, When the order is ready, the waiter presses the number button on the transmitter. Or the chef can use the transmitter to notify the corresponding customer as well. It depends on the mode of operation of your restaurant.

5, The pager vibrates and rings and flashes informing the client that the order is ready. (most of the paging system supports few calling modes like vibrates/rings/vibrates+rings+flashes, they could be changed according to your needs.)  

6, The client goes to the counter, returns the pager and takes the prepared food.

7, The waiter put the pager back to the charging slot. The pager could last 10-12 hours with fully charged.

2. Retekess restaurant buzzers can be divided into four levels: basic, quality, innovative, and upgraded.

What are the differences between these four types of restaurant buzzers?

The characteristics of basic pagers:

their performance in terms of distance and functional diversity is less than that of the other three types, but their functions are simple to operate, plug and play, and call with one click.

Basic best-selling pager models:

Retekess T112 Wireless Restaurant Guest Pager System Support Up to 999 Pagers

Retekess TD157 Wireless Pager Calling System Black and White Pagers

Retekess TD165(SU-668) Wireless Coaster Paging and Queuing System for Restaurants Add Up to 999 Pagers

Features of high-quality pagers:

They have excellent distance advantages and functional advantages. The working distance in open areas is generally around 500M to 800 meters, and some paging machines have features such as anti-lost, service countdown, low battery reminder, and multiple reminder settings. 

High-quality best-selling pager models:

Retekess TD156 IP67 Waterproof and Long Range 800m Coaster Pager System

Retekess TD183 Long Range Pager System 800M, Rugged Pager

Retekess TD163 Wireless Paging System 20 Mini Size Coaster Restaurant Buzzer

Retekess TD175P Large-Capacity Restaurant Paging System With 30 Pagers

Features of innovative pagers:

This type takes the TD177 recommended by Retekess as an example. It has an upgraded appearance and is cascade wall-mounted. Whether it is a restaurant, dining car, or service reception, the wall-mounted embedded slot makes it easier to access. More functions and better performance. One-click code change, cross-border reminder, and it is more convenient to change the sticker and put it into the advertising space of your own restaurant. It saves time and effort, prevents loss and is cost-effective.

 Innovative best-selling pager models:

Retekess TD177 Matrices Paging System Comprehensive Upgrade Wall-Mountable One-Click Automatic Programming

Features of  integrated pagers:

These types of pagers come with free protocol software and are mainly used in employee management, joint ventures, factories, logistics, and construction industries. Some pagers can receive messages, link to software to query call records, manage regional calls and name employee pagers.

3. What models do these four types include?

The first type includes some innovative models: TD157 TD165 TD161 TD158 TD162 TD175 TD172 T113 T116 T116A TD174 T119 T111 T112

The second type includes some quality models: TD175P TD183 TD156 TD163 TD168R TD167A TD167F TD164 TD103 TD184

The third type includes some some innovative models: TD177 TD167F/S TD185

The fourth type includes some integrated models: TD166 TD159 TD177

With the Restaurant Paging system, it is so easy to improve the Customer Experience and Efficiency! 


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