How to Choose the Right Guest Paging System for Your Restaurant?

How to Choose the Right Guest Paging System for Your Restaurant?

How to Choose the Right Guest Paging System for Your Restaurant?

How to Keep Customers in the Summer with Guest Pager System

The summer is coming, so the restaurant will have a busy season now. During the summer, it is important to keep customers engaged and happy in order to ensure that they continue to visit your establishment. One way to do this is through the use of a guest pager system. By providing customers with a pager, you can allow them to wander around and enjoy all that your establishment has to offer while they wait for a table or their food. This experience is sure to leave a positive impression on customers, leading to increased loyalty and return visits.

Additionally, the pager system can be used to notify customers of upcoming events or specials, further enhancing their overall experience at your establishment. By utilizing a guest pager system, you can provide your customers with a unique and enjoyable dining experience that they will remember long after the summer is over.

How to Get a Guest Paging System for Your Business?

As we all know, the guest paging system is more and more popular in the whole world, especially during COVID. People need to keep a safe distance from others. So more and more restaurant owners choose the guest paging system. But how to choose the right one for your business? Which model should you choose? Here are some kindly tips:

Working Range 

The working range is the most important feature that you need to be concerned about when you choose the model. Most Retekess guest paging systems work above 400M in the open area. But if there are many walls or obstacles in your restaurant, and you need it to work about 400M, you need to choose, which one works longer, such as 500M or 600M. Because the obstacles will shorten the working range. We also have some model works up to 800-100M, such as TD156, TD103, and so on. If you need the long-range system, please feel free to contact us. We will ask for the details first and then choose the best type.

Quantity of the Pager

  • If you run a small business and need it less than 10 pagers, but you also want to improve the customer experience, you can choose the system which only consists of 10 pages or 8 pagers. But if you need more than 20, such as 30 or 40pcs. You can choose TD164, or T119, which are the coaster pagers. In this way, it can save space. Of course, you can choose slim ones, such as T116, TD157, and so on. But due to that the charging case and transmitter are all in one, so if you choose the slim pager, there will be enough space for the systems.

Custom AD Terms

All of our pagers support customizing the logo paper. If you buy more than 50 pages, we will customize the logo for free, but if you have less, you can customize it by yourself. Besides, most of the pages are black, if you need other colors, pls inform me, and we will inform the MOQ. For TD156, the original is an orange one, but we support customizing it as green or red. If you need it, pls feel free to email us.

Stop Key on the Pagers

If there is a stop key on the pager, the customer will be able to stop the pager when it beep, vibration or light. If not, they will have to return the pagers and then put them in the base. Most of the slim pagers have the stop key, but for the coaster pager, most of them don't have the key. Except for a few models, such as TD183, which have the mute key.


So pay attention to what you need and choose the right system for your own business. If you still don't know how, email us at Our professional service personnel will help you.

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