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How to use the Retekess T128 watch receiver

How to use the Retekess T128 watch receiver

How to use the Retekess T128 watch receiver

How to use the Retekess T128 watch receiver?

This article is an introduction to the features and applications of the Retekess T128 wrist receiver. Knowing all the functions will help us make the best use and determine whether the items meet our current needs.

The T128 wireless wrist receiver with its matched wireless call buttons is widely used in restaurants, bars, hotels, banks and so on.

1, Add caller, it up to 9999 channels, and we could add up to as many as 500 call buttons to work with it.

2, Delete caller, the wireless receiver allows us to delete the added caller in a group or one by one.

3, Key function, it allows us to define the call names for multi-buttons to meet the requirements of different industries.

4, Work mode, single and multi-key allow us to choose, it according to how many keys of the buttons we choose to use.

6, Prompt mode, we could choose Silent Mode, Vibration Mode, Beeper Mode or a random combination of them to meet the different requirements in different industries.

7, Prompt timing, it allows us to set from 1 to 15 seconds as reminding time.

8, Remove timing, the time to delete the caller information automatically. Also, we could choose 00 to keep the caller information shows on the screen all the time.

9, Cycle time, the time to turn the page of the caller information on the watch screen.

10, Date&time, it could be set to the correct time as a normal watch, no need for the users to look around to check the time.

11, Keyboard set, this function used to match the keyboard transmitter

12, Language, Chinese and English could be chosen for the moment. The message is always short and simple, English could meet most customers' needs. 

13, Factory reset, it is a quick way to delete the settings.

The working frequency of the T128 wireless watch receiver is 433.92MHz, it could match almost all of the buttons which work in the same frequency in the market. Also, it adopts the microchip which makes it has a powerful and stable signal.

If you still have questions on the Retekess T128 wireless watch receiver, welcome to leave the comment below or email us at support@retekess.com directly. 

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