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Function Description of TD112 Watch Pager

Function Description of TD112 Watch Pager including appearance, auto turn-off, alarm setting, vibration prompt mode, customize key name, languages and other function.  ...

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What Make the TD112 Watch Pager Different?

What makes the TD112 watch pager different? It has a magnet charging method. IPX7 is waterproof and you can pair it with both keypad and call buttons. Good staff paging system.  ...

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3 Top Features of TD110 Watch Pager

3 good features of TD110 watch pager make it different from T128, TD106, and TD108. Multi-language, long standby time, clock setting, and high-quality chip make it standout in the marketing.  ...

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Watch Pager with Durable Belt New Arrival

Have a problem with your watch pagers belt clip? Retekess TD110 will help you solve the problem. It has a Durable belt, no more worry about the broken. 7 languages will make it more convenient for almost all the country's customers. Long-lasting time for 72 hours. Long-range watch receiver. You should have it. Contact us at support@retekess.com if you have any questions.  ...

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How to Choose Watch Receiver Among Few Models?

How to choose watch receivers among TD112, T128, TD106, and TD108 watch pagers? TD112 as a new watch receiver has a very good function. But for other models, you can check more details.  ...

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Why Choose Retekess TD112 Watch Receiver

Retekess TD112 waterproof watch receiver is the new arrival, which is the waterproof one, and there are other reasons that make the TD112 stand out from Retekess watch receivers.  ...

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T128 Wrist Watch Receiver's Introduction and Application

T128 wrist watch receive can optimize the working environment, increase productivity and create greater efficiency.  ...

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How to use the Retekess T128 watch receiver

T128 smartwatch receiver is widely used in restaurants, hospitals, healthcare centers, factories, banks, and many other stores. You could find all of the watch receiver functions before buying.  ...

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How to Set T128 Key Function Area Set and Type Set

LCD Display; Watch Receiver use dot matrix LCD screen to maintain the image clarity;Long Range; the max range of the buttons to receiver can be 200m at open area in theory; with fast delete function, can delete single or all calling information by one buttonRechargeable 400mAh battery for the watch receiver  ...

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