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Paging Systems for Business in Various Industries

Paging Systems for Business in Various Industries

Paging Systems for Business in Various Industries

Paging systems for business are suitable for many situations such as restaurants, hotels, factories, church nurseries hospitals, and clinics. No cellular network or wifi is required, so you can use it with confidence in places with poor signals. Protect personal privacy, such as authorizing software to use mobile phone numbers, so that you don't have to worry about revealing personal information

Let's take a look at the excellent performance of paging systems in various industries.

Paging System for Busy Restaurants

  • The restaurant pager needs to be loud enough to get customers’ attention. When food is ready, the kitchen or staff at the restaurant counter will press the corresponding number button to customers. And then the pager will beep, vibrate, and flash lights to remind customers to pick up their meals. Retekess provides various restaurant pager systems including basic, upgraded, and high-edge models for different kinds of restaurants.

    Basic models offer the most common functions such as calling within 300 meters at a cost-effective price. However, the upgraded models will offer a longer distance of 500-800 meters(1640-2624 ft); more functions: service countdown reminder, out-of-range reminder, pager waterproof and anti-falling bracket, and low battery reminder. What’s more, for high-end models, pagers support PC software operation, can send text messages, and the distance is more than 1 km

    If you need to call the pager in two locations, such as at the counter and in the kitchen, you can call the customer or waiter through the transmitter keypad, and pick up the meal on time. We recommend T119 and TD164 models, separate pagers support 2 keypads in different positions to call the same pager.

Long Range Pager System for Factories and Warehouse

Retekess Long Range Pager System is an ideal solution for factories and warehouses that need an efficient way to communicate with their employees across large distances. With a range of up to 1000-5000 meters, this system ensures that messages are delivered promptly and accurately to the designated pager.

The easy-to-use interface streamlines communication by allowing employees to select their department, making it easy to ensure that the right message is delivered to the right team member. This system puts an end to the confusion and delays caused by missed messages or unreliable communication methods. Instead, teams can work together seamlessly while remaining connected over long distances.

Retekess Long Range Pager System is an essential asset for any factory or warehouse looking to improve communication efficiency, productivity, and safety.

The following is a comparison of long-distance factory warehouse communication pagers:

TD103 TD159 TD166
Working distance 1000M 1000-1500M 5000M
Text message N 400 characters, 10 messages can be preset 56 characters, 9 messages can be preset
PC software operation N Y Y

Silent Pager System for Church Nurseries

Retekess Silent Pager System is an ideal solution for church nurseries. This system offers convenience and flexibility to both parents and the staff, providing a seamless communication process. The pagers allow parents to go to the church without worrying about their child's safety. If their child needs their attention, the nursery staff can quickly notify them via the silent pager. Unlike older paging systems, the Retekess pager system ensures no noisy disruptions during church service.

Additionally, the system is easy to set up, use, and requires minimal maintenance. It enhances the security and safety of the children, reduces downtime, and improves overall productivity. Retekess Pager System is the ultimate solution for busy parents and church nursery staff alike.

Several of the pager systems below have mute buttons so parents can, when prompted, shut off the reminder and return to daycare as quickly as possible. All-in-one pager system: TD183; separate pager system: T119/TD161/TD164

Queuing Solution for Hospitals and Clinics

Do hospitals or clinics always be confused by queue lines when gathering crowded, and can not keep a good social distance? Retekess wireless queue calling system will help keep in order. For example, staff calls patients in numbers order. The person who was called will go to the doctor's office and have medical service.

The medical staff calls patients in order with the long-distance call system, which allows patients to wait nearby or in the car, reducing exposure to COVID-19. Queuing pager system is an investment in streamlining operations and providing the best possible patient experience.

For more information about paging systems for business, please contact us at support@retekess.com. For visit our official website, please click here.

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