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Comparison of TD103 and TD156 Long-Range Pager

Comparison of TD103 and TD156 Long-Range Pager

Comparison of TD103 and TD156 Long-Range Pager

Common advantages of TD103 and TD156 long-range pager

  1. Over-distance alarm: with distance alarm settings, do not worry about customers accidentally taking the pager, and the restaurant causing damage or reminding customers to get out of the working range of the pager system in time.
  2. Service countdown reminder: After receiving the call signal reminder, if the customer does not notice and goes to the service counter to take food, the pager will flash again after the set time to remind until the customer goes to the service counter to take food.
  3. Low battery alert: The pager screen displays "LO" when the battery is low to remind staff to charge and avoid low battery automatic shutdown when customers are waiting.
  4. 7 kinds of prompting mode: A variety of prompting modes, you can choose the right model according to your will to apply to multiple occasions.
  5. Super vibration: when the beeping sound can not be a good reminder in a noisy environment, vibration can be a timely reminder to customers.
  6. One-Touch Shutdown: Place the paper on the energized base, enter "0" on the keyboard and press the call button to turn off the machine with one key. You can operate 10 pagers at the same time, easy to operate and save time.
  7. You can change the reminder length, beeping speed fast or slow, vibration frequency, and flashing frequency: according to different restaurant environments, set different modes to meet the needs of different customers.
  8. long-lasting battery life: long standby up to 48h, without frequent charging.
  9. The transmitting keyboard can be set to 99 channels and 32 frequencies to avoid the same frequency interference.

TD103 and TD156 long-range pager

Size comparison of TD103 and TD156

The respective advantages of TD103 and TD156 long-range pager

TD156 pager system: IP67 level waterproof, a fully waterproof product; with silicone anti-drop strip, wear-resistant, and drop-resistant.

TD103 pager system: Longer distance, up to 1000 meters; larger pickup, not easy to lose.

If you want to know more about these two products, please contact us at support@retekess.com and we will give you a detailed answer.

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