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What Should Veterinary Clinick Do in COVID-19 Period?

What Should Veterinary Clinick Do in COVID-19 Period?

What Should Veterinary Clinick Do in COVID-19 Period?

What should we do to keep customers safe in the veterinary clinic in COVID-19 period?

The governments advice people stay home to keep safe. So many countries close the store, except the food, hospital, and veterinary clinic.

As we all know, staying at home is the best way to protect us. 

What if our pets get sick? how to ensure our safety? The guest paging system will be the best solution.

1, Choose the exact pager quantity, and give each pager with a unique number,

2, Charging them fully in the night, and then put them in the counter,

3, Give the customer on the pager and ask them to rest within the working range of wireless pager system,

4, After the diagnosis comes out, press the number to ask the customer to get their pets.

During this time, they can leave the clinic to avoid crowded, instead to stay in their car to keep away from other people.

Here is one of my friends, Tom, who is from Germany. He works in koch + kollegen, which is a veterinary clinic.

Pls check the picture.






Here is the feedback:

Getestet und für sehr gut befunden!

Wie angekündigt wurde heute unser neues Pager-System geliefert und direkt in Betrieb genommen!

Wir sind begeistert!

Es funktioniert einwandfrei und so kann jeder ein bisschen mit seinem Hund raus gehen oder gemütlich und virenfrei in seinem Auto warten, bis er aufgerufen wird. 

Das Warten mit mehreren Personen im Wartezimmer kann somit enten

Ein weiterer Schritt in eine verantwortungsvolle Tiermedizin in Zeiten von Corona!

Zusammen schaffen wir auch diese Krise-wenn jeder nur ein wenig auf seine Mitmenschen achtet!

Ihr Team von Koch + Kollegen

Stary the safe distance with others, stay safe.

We have 2 types guest paging system, slim and coaster.

The slim with the keypad transmitter, each slot can charge one pager.

Retekess T112 is popular due to its cost-effective and long working range(500-600m in the open area)

Retekess TD156 is the coaster pager. It uses the FM technology and Infrared technology, the working range

can work up to 800-1000M.

You can choose the type that you need.

If you want to know more information, pls inform me. Here is our email: support@retekess.com

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