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What two way tour guide system can you choose of Retekess?

What two way tour guide system can you choose of Retekess?

What two way tour guide system can you choose of Retekess?

Two way tour guide system is used widely in may areas. Such as factory tour, listening device, communication area, ect. Retekess, a leading provider of wireless tour, event and training solutions. Now we have two kinds of two way tour guide system that allow you talk to each other. Retekess TT105 tour guide system and 746MHz~823MHz two way tour guide system. Both of them are  hands-free device that makes it easy for teams to communicate remotely.

For this two types, the TT105 is only for two people communicate. If add more receivers, the other receiver only support listen. So this is for two people communicate groups. So if you have the group one to one talk, the TTT105 tour guide system is your best choice.

For the totally two way tour guide system, it supports unlimited receivers. So no matter how many people in one group, it supports all the people talk and listen. This one is perfect for large group communicate groups. The distance is about 200 meters. So it is really a wonderful product for communicate. And the sound is very good. You will love it.

Applications include service, training, site walks. Device options include the standard speaker mic with earpiece.

Both models can be set up quickly and easily. Recently, the audio guide is really important for communicate. With this device, people can talk for distance, it will be more safe for both side.

Even after the COVID-19, it is still a good product for communication.

So if you have any questions, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com for more information.


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