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Calling Display Receiver TD136 Shows 3 Groups Numbers

Calling display receiver show 3 groups numbers. The most special is that it can be set to show one group number, 2 groups numbers, and 3 groups numbers. It has few choices. One display receiver with few options. You should have it.  ...

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Solve access problems with Retekess TD136 Display Receiver

The Retekess TD136 Display Receiver can help you solve a number of problems with patient queues as winter progresses and a number of epidemic diseases become prevalent.  ...

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3 Top Features of TD110 Watch Pager

3 good features of TD110 watch pager make it different from T128, TD106, and TD108. Multi-language, long standby time, clock setting, and high-quality chip make it standout in the marketing.  ...

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FM Transmitter TR509 How To Provide Drive-In Service

The FM transmitter is widely used in churches, movie theaters, concerts, campuses, or some large shopping malls, creating a safe communication environment.  ...

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Service Calling Display Receiver is Good for Restaurant

Retekess TD136 service calling display receiver is suitable for restaurants to improve efficiency and provide better service to customers. It has rich functions, simple operation, and pleasant sound. Help your employees quickly view and respond to customer needs. If you have any problems or needs, feel free to contact us by email at  ...

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Watch Pager with Durable Belt New Arrival

Have a problem with your watch pagers belt clip? Retekess TD110 will help you solve the problem. It has a Durable belt, no more worry about the broken. 7 languages will make it more convenient for almost all the country's customers. Long-lasting time for 72 hours. Long-range watch receiver. You should have it. Contact us at if you have any questions.  ...

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Long Range Calling System Solutions-Retekess TD004, TD005 Wireless Transmitter Buttons with Retekess Watch Receiver

Retekess wireless transmitter call button and wireless watch receiver composition of wireless calling system,Retekess TD004, Retekess TD005 with its own transmitting antenna, can provide a longer transmission distance.Together with the watch receiver, the calling system can solve the communication problems of many industries and scenarios, including medical, catering, factory manufacturing, warehouse transportation, etc.  ...

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How can Retekess TD110 Wireless Watch Pager Benefit Your Restaurant?

Retekess TD110 new black watch receiver supports 8 languages, large battery capacity, longer standby time, and is more durable. Rich functions and simple operations make it a great helper for communication in restaurants. Not only can it help the kitchen contact the waiter to deliver dishes, but also enable customers to quickly notify the waiter, bringing a better experience to customers and improving overall efficiency.  ...

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Why Choose TR509 FM Transmitter

TR509 FM transmitters provide drive-in services for churches and theaters, also keep a safe communication distance for conferences and shopping malls, avoiding insecurity caused by crowds.  ...

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How to Help Your Restaurant Weather the Crisis of Insufficient Staff?

During the COVID-19 period, many restaurants are facing the challenge of increased employee turnover and labor shortages. Retekess wireless paging system can help restaurants improve the efficiency of waiters, provide better services to customers, and reduce labor costs. If your hotel is also bothered by this problem, feel free to contact us by email at to get suitable solutions.  ...

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