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Why Choose TR509 FM Transmitter

TR509 FM transmitters provide drive-in services for churches and theaters, also keep a safe communication distance for conferences and shopping malls, avoiding insecurity caused by crowds.  ...

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How to Help Your Restaurant Weather the Crisis of Insufficient Staff?

During the COVID-19 period, many restaurants are facing the challenge of increased employee turnover and labor shortages. Retekess wireless paging system can help restaurants improve the efficiency of waiters, provide better services to customers, and reduce labor costs. If your hotel is also bothered by this problem, feel free to contact us by email at to get suitable solutions.  ...

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What Kinds Of Businesses Need Tour Guide Systems

In recent years, with the impact of the epidemic, many companies are facing severe challenges, and it is difficult to ensure the safety of people’s communication. The application of the tour guide system has solved this problem. If you want to know more information,contact us at  ...

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What Retekess Tour Guide System Should Choose for Segway Tour?

What tour guide system should you choose for your Segway tour group? No doubt, the wireless tour guide system with totally no wire device will be the best choice. TT106 has support wireless speaker and ear-hook receiver, and it supports 2 guides talking in the same group. If any questions, contact us at  ...

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Why Choose Retekess Tour Guide System?

If you need a tour guide system, why should you choose Retekess tour guide system? You can see a few types of tour guide systems, and they are very popular and affordable for most tour guides. It will save your voice and help you have a good reputation in tourism. You should have it. Email us:  ...

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Can I Call the Guest Pagers Via the Phone

Retekess guest paging system is widely at the recent time. Many customers asked can I call the pagers via my phone? So that I will not need the keypad. Pls, check the article to find the answer.  ...

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Why Does the Warehouse Need Retekess TW104 Window Intercom Speaker System?

Retekess TW104 window intercom system In a noisy warehouse, it can help employees talk easily with drivers who come to pick up the goods. Factors such as too far away or too noisy surroundings will no longer cause trouble for communication. A simple and easy-to-use device can help both parties hear each other clearly and accurately convey their own voices. Improve the efficiency of conversation and reduce the pressure on both sides.  ...

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Retekess Wireless Calling System T119+TW102

Combined application of the Retekess T119 TW102 wireless calling system in a food truck scenario. specific advantages of the T119 TW102.  ...

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What Is A Wireless Tour Guide System

The tour guide system is a portable wireless system used by the host to send audio information to the audience. A typical tour guide system consists of a transmitter microphone and a receiver headset, which is convenient for real-time sound transmission,so that one person can speak and many people can listen.  ...

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Why Do Restaurants Need Wireless Call Buttons?

More and more restaurants begin to use Retekess wireless call buttons. Its numerous alternative appearances and specifications make it not only used for customers to quickly call waiters but also for kitchens to quickly call employees. In addition to providing customers with better service and a more comfortable dining environment, it can also improve work efficiency and increase the efficiency of the restaurant  ...

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