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signal amplifier for Retekess pager system and service calling system

Small size and easy to install and use

Powerful and stable signal repeater


Acrylic panel touch screen, sensitive keys, comfortable to use

The body is made of PC + ABS environmental protection material, strong and wear-resistant

Support multiple launch keyboards to call the same pager

Pagers set mute button can be muted with one key

Pagers support beep/light/vibration any combination of the three reminders

$199.99 $179.99

Retekess TD184 FM guest pager system for long-distance
Calling distance in open areas can reach 800 meters
Support one-click to close all pagers to improve efficiency
Pager cross-border alarm setting to avoid the loss
Pager countdown setting, strengthen reminder
Magnetic charging, more convenient


Easy to set up, Support customized logo, Strong and durable,One key to shut down all the pagers, Retekess design with a number on the top of pagers


Retekess TD156 waterproof pager system is a great tool for social distancing management. Support customized logo, IP67 waterproof, adopt FM Modulation to produce a stable signal, working range up to 800M


Retekess TD165(SU-668) pager system supports 999 channels  

A stop reminder button on the pager  

Cancel calling the wrong number with one key from the keypad transmitter

Made of pc material, more robust and durable


2 prompt mode vibration+beep+flash and vibration+flash

Long range paging system 800m in the open area

Lager size pager 100*96*20mm to avoid missing

Guest pager with LED digital numbers, extend guest pagers from 000 to 998


T119 paging system Free Shipping to the United States (Shipping from US warehouse)

Other countries orders shipping from China directly

Retekess T119 coaster paging system comes with 1 keyboard transmitter and 10 coaster pagers, the pagers could be added up to 999 to meet the grows of your business; T119 wireless calling system with 3 reminder mode, Buzzer+Flash, Vibration+Flash, Buzzer+Vibration+Flash Each coaster pager has one micro charging port so that the pager can be charged individually. There are 3 buttons on the pagers, power on and set and mode key. easy to change code and power on and off the pager.


T112 paging system is 600m range in the open area and 200-400m with many walls. Widely used in the fast-food restaurant, pizza shop, coffee shop, bars, and churches. One-pager could be called by different transmitters which in different places with the same number or different number as needed


Retekess TD103 long range coaster paging system come with 1 transmitter and 10 pagers Infrared technology, FM technology, Waterproof IP54 7 prompt methods, vibration, flash and voice notice combine freely Out of range alert, one key to shut down all the pagers More than 1000 meters coverage in open area Support protocol (contact us if you need)


Restaurant Buzzers Charger Standard (EU, US, AU, UK)

TD163 coaster paging system with a distinct style, it supports to charge 20 buzzers at the same time, save space and easy to use. 

Guest paging system with multiple prompt modes ideal for many industries like restaurants, bars, hospitals, clinics, church nurseries and more


Extend guest pagers from 001 to 998

2 prompt mode vibration+beep+flash and vibration+flash

 A long-range paging system can reach 800m in the open area

Long Service Time of pagers up to 30 hours after full charge

guest can stop the alert once they received the call

Paging System with 10 Call History


Social distancing buzzer pagers

Pager works up to 20 hours with fully charged

Support 998 coaster pagers

Shut down all pagers at once

Prompt time from 1s to 250s

Coaster paging system with 7 prompt options


Build-in 300mAh battery, work max up to 10h Charging indicator light, flash when charging and light green when full Work with long-range, max up to 300M in the open area


2-3 hours charging time, can work about 8 hours, Reach 800m in open area and about 150-500m in buildings, Widely used in restaurants, food truck, coffee shop, church nurseries, logistic centers, hospital, 4S shop, text center, card tournament, and so on.


TD172 Restaurant calling system with 20 pagers,

Touch keypad make it more waterproof

Support one button turn off

The range up to 400 meters

Two notice modes: Vibration+buzzer+flash, Vibration+flash

Support 998 pagers in total

One call to turn off all pagers


Waterproof and oil-proof for the keypad adopts RF wireless technology, long working range, one key shut down all the pagers 99+ Call


Touch keyboard, comfortable to use, Pager surface content customizable, Pager reminder duration can be set separately, Power on automatically and support the one-click shutdown, Using AM modulation technology, the signal is stronger and more stable, The shape adopts the anti-symmetrical design, white simple and generous.

$139.99 $119.99