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Wireless Coaster Pager System for 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

TD103 and TD156 coaster pager system with long distance, waterproof, overtime reminder, long distance alarm are suitable for many situations.  ...

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Wireless Coaster Pager Functions and Roles

Retekess wireless coaster pager avoids customers waiting in line while reducing enterprise labor costs and improving efficiency.  ...

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How Does the Wireless Coaster Paging System Change the Catering Industry

How does the wireless coaster paging system change the catering industry? Improve the efficiency of the staff and improve the satisfaction of the customers. It is still the best product for the catering industry now. Feel free to have one for your business. If any, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com.  ...

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Why Choose Retekess TD159 Guest Paging System?

Retekess TD159 Wireless pager system has a screen with 10 pagers It supports 1999 pagers in all. So you can add more if you need. The default frequency is 433.92MHz The keyboard can directly enter numbers and English letters, send a text to the menu and support multi-window calls. You can set 10 default text messages, and choose to send default messages directly through the number key 0-9. Custom reminder mode: any combination of flashing lights / buzzing/vibrating  ...

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TD168R Wireless Paging System:With 24 Pagers and Independent Capacitive Keyboard

The Retekess TD168R Restaurant Wireless Paging System with a large capacity of up to 24 disk pagers and full-featured capabilities like cross-border reminders and customizable durations, this system enhances operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in restaurants.  ...

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Which Model Restaurant Paging System with Good Vibration?

Do you need the restaurant paging system with a good vibration, we have those two models TD103 and TD156 paging system with good vibration. You should check these two models. If any other questions, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com  ...

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What is the difference between T116A and TD162 restaurant paging system?

Both retekess T116A and TD162 restaurant paging systems are 10 pagers. They have different shapes and use for different situations. So you can choose the one which is better for you. If any questions, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com  ...

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Top 3 Wireless Calling System of Retekess

List some good features of the wireless calling system. And hope it ishelpful for you to make dicision.  ...

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