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How to set the prompt way of TD173 guest paging system

Retekess TD173 guest paging system has 10 types of prompt ways, you can change the keypad or pagers based on your needs. It can meet the different applications, such as in the quiet price or noise place. Email us at support@retekess.com to get more details  ...

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How to Change the Prompt mode of Retekess TD158 Guest Paging System?

Retekess TD158 coaster pager system widely used in restaurent, coffee, and clubs. Not only it is helpful for providing a better service with costomers, but also is easy to use. Users can change the prompt mode easily according their needs. It will help improve the efficient and save lots of time.  ...

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Good Features of Retekess TD183 Long Range Pging System

Retekess TD183 guest pager system is equipped with 20 pagers, so customers can easily deal with it for a long time. It has a stronger and more stable transmission signal and a longer transmission distance. It supports a one-key mute, which is more convenient to use. Meet the requirements for quiet environments in offices, hospitals, and cafes. If you have any questions or needs, feel free to contact us by email at support@retekess.com.  ...

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Good Features About the Classic Coaster Paging System Retekess TD156

TD156 is a renowned paging system that has gained popularity for its exceptional features. Its durability is impressive, but what sets it apart is its superior performance and functionality. Customers have been highly satisfied with its enhanced features, making it a top choice in the market. With its excellence in both durability and features, the TD156 by retekess continues to be a classic model.  ...

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What is the difference between TD166 and TD159 Long Range Paging System?

What is the different between TD166 and TD159 long range paging system. The most are the range and TD166 can call all the pagers in different numbers at once.  ...

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Good Features of Retekess TD175 and TD175P Restaurant Buzzer System

Good features of TD175 and TD175P restaurant buzzer system, such as changing the prompt way of the keypad, and promoting time. It is necessary for some customers. If you need the TD175, pls feel free to email us.  ...

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Introduce of Retekess TD156 Wireless Coaster Paging System

TD156 Wireless Paging System FM Frequency Technology IP67 Mainly has the following functions: 1.Long-range transmission 2.Large-capacity battery 3.Water-proof and fall-proof  ...

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Where and how to use the queue calling system during the COVID-19 period?

No close touch waiting is very important in COVID-19 period. So you should have one wireless calling system for your business. Not only the take out restaurant, clinic and supermarket. Only the customers need to wait. It works for your business. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com  ...

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