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Solutions for Improving Service Beach-side Restaurants and Bars

Solutions for Improving Service Beach-side Restaurants and Bars

Solutions for Improving Service Beach-side Restaurants and Bars

With firsthand the means of eating and drinking, beach restaurants and clubs strive to provide better services to meet customers' high expectations. Successful competitors compete to provide value as a key factor affecting the perception and preference of business customers. Price is measured not just by the quality of the food, but also by the quality of the most important surroundings and service that a restaurant can offer. Delivery value is achieved by investing in the restaurant's infrastructure and streamlining the underlying business processes. This is done by investing in interior design, decoration, and state-of-the-art equipment to provide high quality and comfort.

The hospitality business is about service, and service depends on communication and perception. This is why it is important for business owners to look for new ways to better communicate with their customers while managing restaurant resources efficiently. The wireless bell system achieves both goals to please customers and reduce wastage. By setting up a wireless bell system, restaurant owners can ensure their customers can easily access restaurant waiters whenever they want.

Guest Pager System for Beach Bars

The guest paging system is very simple, ready to use; when the customer orders food, give him the pager and record the corresponding number and food. When the food is ready, staff press the corresponding number on the keyboard. Then, the pager will prompt the customer to pick up the meal. For beachside restaurants and bars, guests have the freedom to go to the beach instead of anxiously waiting for their food. Our paging system TD156 has ultra-long distance and out-of-range alarm. It can well cover the range of customer activities and prevent loss at the same time. With IP67 waterproof, you don't have to worry about the pager being intruded by sand and sea water.

Service Calling System for Beachfront Restaurants

The waiter calling system is very simple and can be installed within 5 minutes. The call button package includes an operation manual. That will guide you step-by-step through the installation of a display screen on the wall using the patches included in the package. Explain how to fix a bell on a table. Usually all the bells come with double side stickers, the bells are easy to be installed on the tables. TD032 silicone IP55 waterproof call button prevents sand and sea water. And you can choose 4 different buttons according to your needs.

Staff Communication Paging System

If your beachfront restaurant needs a staff management system, Retekess has the perfect solution too. TD154 kitchen call waiter system can meet the needs of chefs to call waiters to pick up meals without shouting. It makes the restaurant more orderly and greatly improving communication efficiency.


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