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Why Retekess Service Calling System

How to improve your restaurant business? What should we do when using Retekess service calling system? Restaurant calling system  ...

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Do you need API support guest paging system for your POS system?

Retekess has few models of guest paging system support the API, so you can program software to your POS system if you want. And for the service calling system, it works as well. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com  ...

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How to set notice mode of Retekess TD103 paging calling system?

Retekess TD103 wireless calling system has 7 modes notice. You can choose it freely. If you have any problem about this setting, please check this blog. Any questions, feel free to contact us.  ...

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Solution for Restaurant-Cafe

Wireless calling system adopts advanced wireless technology to solve the service between customer and waiter. This system allows restaurant to provide the right service at the right time without interrupting the guest private conversation or provide special waiter to check table request time and time.  ...

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What Do Call Buttons Do at Grocery Stores?

Wireless call buttons and watch receiver do a great job at grocery stores Easy to set and use The great service call system for your business  ...

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Retekess is Proud of Helping Many Companies Solved the Social Distancing Issue

Retekess is a technology company that provides wireless communication solutions, we are proud of helping many companies overcome the communication issue in the daiy work. Especially to solve the social distancing issue to allow many businesses to open during the COVID-19 period. Click to learn more of the successful cases from Retekess.  ...

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