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Tag Archives :Wireless Call Button

Retekess TD017 touchable wireless call button

Retekess TD017 one key call button with touchable key. It is very easy to use. Just one touch, the receiver will receive the call. It has the indicator so you can confirm it send successfully. If any qustions, feel free to email us at  ...

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Top 2 Best Wireless Restaurant Pager Call Button

Wireless call buttons can be used in the restaurant to calling waiters in this hard time. It can keep a safe distance. For the call buttons, we have one-key, two-key, three-key, and four-key type, you can choose it by yourself.  ...

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Use the Wireless Call Button in a Right Way

The working range of Retekess call buttons work with the different working ranges. What affects the working range of the call buttons? And which receiver will be the best type for your business?  ...

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Which Retekess Call Button Work in the Longest Range?

wireless calling system is very popular in a hard time, people need to put the call button on the table, when the customer press the call button, the servicer will get the signal via the watch receiver.  ...

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Why Do Restaurants Need Wireless Call Buttons?

More and more restaurants begin to use Retekess wireless call buttons. Its numerous alternative appearances and specifications make it not only used for customers to quickly call waiters but also for kitchens to quickly call employees. In addition to providing customers with better service and a more comfortable dining environment, it can also improve work efficiency and increase the efficiency of the restaurant  ...

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Long Range Calling System Solutions-Retekess TD004, TD005 Wireless Transmitter Buttons with Retekess Watch Receiver

Retekess wireless transmitter call button and wireless watch receiver composition of wireless calling system,Retekess TD004, Retekess TD005 with its own transmitting antenna, can provide a longer transmission distance.Together with the watch receiver, the calling system can solve the communication problems of many industries and scenarios, including medical, catering, factory manufacturing, warehouse transportation, etc.  ...

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How to Extend the Working Range of The Wireless Calling System?

Retekess wireless call button is widely used in the restaurant, cafe, store. For the AM technology, the working range can be reached 30-80M. But what should we do if we need a longer working range? The repeater will help you to extend the working? Please check how to operate and how long it can reach in this article.  ...

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Best Retekess Wireless Calling System for Factories

Retekess provide the best wireless calling system for factories, the TD004 and TD005 are good choice to work with watch and display receivers.  ...

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How can Retekess TD110 Wireless Watch Pager Benefit Your Restaurant?

Retekess TD110 new black watch receiver supports 8 languages, large battery capacity, longer standby time, and is more durable. Rich functions and simple operations make it a great helper for communication in restaurants. Not only can it help the kitchen contact the waiter to deliver dishes, but also enable customers to quickly notify the waiter, bringing a better experience to customers and improving overall efficiency.  ...

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How Does Push for Service System Make Bars More Competitive?

If you are running a bar, but you are distressed because customers complain about poor service, then come and install Retekess Push for Service System for your bar. Using this system allows employees to quickly respond to customer calls and meet their needs in a timely manner. Notifications to improve work efficiency increase customer satisfaction. If you have any questions or needs, feel free to contact us by email at  ...

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