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Do you need a headphone input function of the window speaker systems?

You may request a headphone plug of the two way intercom system, retekess TW102 TW103 and TW105 TW106 two way communication device will work for you. Feel free to check and contact us at support@retekess.com  ...

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How to use the Retekess T128 watch receiver

T128 smartwatch receiver is widely used in restaurants, hospitals, healthcare centers, factories, banks, and many other stores. You could find all of the watch receiver functions before buying.  ...

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Solution for Pubs, Restaurants and Hairdressers Reopen in Pandemic

This article is for food businesses looking to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we all know, many governments supply the guidelines for the restaurant, bars, hairdressers to ensure people's safety.  ...

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How to Place Online Order Effectively In Retekess Official Website

Retekess official website, support make online order. Recently, we only support PayPal, once you build a PayPal account and pay it via goods and services, we can ship the products out for you. If you need bulk price, pls email us, we will check best price for you.  ...

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Retekess Supply Customization Services for Your Business

Retekess is far more than a sell website, we supply full solutions for your restaurant to improve working efficiency, customer's safisfaction, reduce cost and increase income. And we also supply solutions for your travel agents, we supply different transmitters and receivers for diffetent type travel, long range travel, bus travel, Islam pilgrimage or museum travle.  ...

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How to place order online

Steps for maiing order online of Retekess official website. if you want to do dropshipping, wholesale, make big orders, be the partner, or be dealer. Pls send us email, we can make it more clear with more details.  ...

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