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What's the difference between T130 and TT101 Tour Guide System

The comparison of Retekess T130 and TT101 tour guide system, each model of the wireless transmitter and receiver has its own advantages. The radio tour guide from Retekess will meet all your requirements on the device.  ...

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Why TT105 Retekess Wireless Tour Guide System

Retekess focus on adopting wireless calling system in tour guide. The TT105 is popular due to its high quality, diamond sound and nice feature. We supply tour guide system equipment and solutions for travel agency, company. If you want to try REtekess, pls feel free to contact me.  ...

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New Arrival Retekess TT106 Tour Guide System with Simple Earhook Receiver

Retekess TT106 wireless tour guide system's main features, it is the 2.4GHz digital technology group guide tours, which can be used license-free throughout the world. The advantages of the audio guide system are the ear hook design, out of range alarm, mute function, long communicate range and so on.  ...

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How to use the T130 Tour Guide System

Retekess T130 tour guide system is very simple to use, and we provide a wide range of optional accessories for the wireless transmitter and receiver to meet customer needs in different scenarios.  ...

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Why Interpreters need Retekess Simultaneous Translation System?

Having a set of Retekess portable interpretation system gives a lot of convenience to interpreters. You could choose the favorite simultaneous translation system in Retekess  ...

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Frequently asked questions on Retekess T130 tour guide system

Retekess T130 tour guide system 99 channels is very popular in the market today. Customers may have some questions on the audio guide system. I hope the Q&A could help you with the purchase or use.  ...

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