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How to Disinfect Tour Guide Equipment

In order to ensure the hygiene and safety of users, it is necessary to clean and disinfect the tour guide equipment regularly, or choose a charging case with sterilization and deodorization function.  ...

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Interpretation Device Helps Events Succeed

In multinational conferences, international exchange events, and even church services, a set of interpretation devices can solve the language barrier and maximize the effect of the event.  ...

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Buy or Rent Tour Guide System Equipment?

For those who use the tour guide system equipment frequently or for a long time, buying it can get a better experience and more worry-free service than renting it.  ...

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Why Tour Guide System will not be replaced by Walkie Talkies

With the improvement of service standards in the service industry, doubts about the Tour Guide System also appear. This article makes a detailed analysis of the walkie-talkie and the Tour Guide System and explains why the Tour Guide System will not be replaced by the walkie-talkie.  ...

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How to Choose Tour Guide System for Travel Agency

Retekess have many types of tour guide system, such as TT109, TT105, TT106, and so on. But each model has different features, such as long working range, 2 transmitters' support talk in one group. Email us to get the best solutions for your business.  ...

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