New Arrival of Retekess TD163 Guest Paging System

New Arrival of Retekess TD163 Guest Paging System

New Arrival of Retekess TD163 Guest Paging System

Over 2020, the guest paging system is used widely in many areas. Except for the restaurants and hotels, all the service areas may use it for queue system because of the COVID-19, all people need to keep a social distance. So the request of the guest paging system is vastly needed.

Due to the request of customers, we have a new model TD163 guest paging system on market recently. The keypad and the charging base is all in one. It can charge 20 pagers at one time. As we all know, Retekess models with the circle pager before are all only support 10 pagers. Many people may need 20 pages and don’t want to have more charging bases with the circle one. Now you can choose the TD163 as your new system.

The keypad is touchable and very comfortable to use. We have EU, US, UK, and AU plug, so you can feel free to buy them. We will send the one for you.

The function of the TD163 guest paging system

For this restaurant paging system, it is AM modulation with 433MHZ. IP33 waterproof level. It supports 999 pages max. So you don’t worry if your business grows. It will support the large quantity pager. The battery is 300 MHA, it can stand by for 20 hours and only need 4 hours for a full charge. It has a vibration, buzzing, and flash, so you can feel free to combine them.

For the time notice, it supports 0-200s, the default time is the 30s, if you set it as 0, then it will remind all the time, for more function settings of TD163, click to enter this blog to take you to learn more details.

For the pager paper, you can customize your own logo by yourself or contact us when you buy the products.

TD163 queue calling system is widely used in many industries like restaurants, bars, hospitals, clinics, churches, and nurseries ETC.

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