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How Much are Restaurant Pagers?

How Much are Restaurant Pagers?

How Much are Restaurant Pagers?

Running a business has never been easy. Many business people want every aspect of the business to be perfect. We need to pay attention to all the costs in order to make sure of the benefits. In order to protect staff voice and improve customers’ satisfaction, the Guest Paging Systems are more and more popular among restaurants, food trucks, hospitals, church nurseries, clinics and more. The paging system could also help businesses to maintain social distancing management during the COVID-19 breakout. It's easy for many businesses to stay connected with customers with a simple set of guest paging systems based on the long-range, no WIFI required, no extra charge and more features.   

Many business people concern about the cost of Restaurant Paging System. There are many factors that affect the price like the technology adopts FM or AM, the materials, pager numbers and many other features performance. All Retekess pagers are enough for restaurants to use to notify customers. The price range from 119 US Dollars to 449 US dollars. The business people could choose the paging system from Retekess according to the budget.

If you need a large size of coaster pager with a longer range, the TD103 will be the best choice. The guest pager size is the largest one among Retekess paging system, it is 106*106*17mm, range up to 1200m, durable and has out of range alarm function. Each set includes 10 pagers, and the unit set price is USD289.

If you are looking for a waterproof paging system, select TD156 model, it is IP67 waterproof, and adopts FM technology, transmission range up to 800m. Each set of TD156 paging system includes 10 pagers, and the price is USD279.

If the most cost-effective paging system that you are looking for, check Retekess TD157 model, it's the only one restaurant paging system that has no vibration function and the range is about 200m. Each set includes 16 pagers, and the price is USD119.

If you want a coaster paging system that ranges could up to 500m, and also at a cost-effective price, I highly recommend you Retekess new arrival TD163 Paging System. Each set includes 20 pagers, the keypad is touchable and save space. The promotion price is USD219.

If you need more pagers or fewer pagers than the standard package, that's no problem, we can provide you the exact pager quantity according to your exact needs.

Retekess has a complete serial of Guest Paging System, welcome to email us at support@retekess.com with your requirements to ask for expert advice. Retekess also welcome distributors from all over the world, we have the confidence to work with you and help you more competition among competitors.

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