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Retekess T130/T131 Or TT122 Tour Guide System

Retekess T130/T131 Or TT122 Tour Guide System

Retekess T130/T131 Or TT122 Tour Guide System

Choose the Best Tour Guide System for your Business

Retekess focus on wireless communication technology for 11 years, we supply the best wireless technology products and solutions for travel agency, factory, church, and so on. We care about every customers' needs and feedback. In 2018 Year, we sell the T130/T131, and it becomes very popular in a short time due to the compact size, high quality, and cost-effective price. In 2020, we list Retekess new arrival TT122 tour. We study it for about one year and made the design by ourselves. If you want to choose a tour guide system, which type do you prefer? Tell us your answer to win a free gift of T130 or TT122

T130 Tour 

Retekess 99 channels tour guide system

Retekess T130 99 Channel Tour is a sleek and modern, small, light-weighted device that comes with a low power consumption LCD display. The use of PLL Technology ensures stable signal resulting in high performance against preventing fires, in high temperatures or against fall. It can be taken on any trip as it has a long-lasting battery of 600 mAh that can last for 18 hours after recharging it completely.

In the 196ft distance, a transmitter can transmit to many receivers. You can buy any receivers that you need. At a time, 99 groups can operate at a single place simultaneously.

By connecting the transmitter’s mic input port to a laptop, phone or Mp3, the sound can be transmitted. A consistent wireless signal ensures complete clarity. It has an earpiece and lanyard for convenience and safety respectively.

TT122 Tour

TT122 2020 new arrival tour guide

Retekess TT122 is the Reteekss design, fashion, newest technology, stable signal, and long working range. This system adopts 2.4GHz technology, it is free certification in the whole world. The battery for the transmitter and receiver are 1500mAh, you can use 8H and 16H once you charging full. The working range can be 492ft in the open area.  

Easy to set up, 3 keys in all to set the tour guide system, up and down key to adjust the volume and channels. Long press the up key to set all the receivers channels one time. 

Key lock function, long-press the down key for 3 seconds to lock/unlock the tour guide system. 

You can also connect the transmitter mic with laptop, phone, or MP3, the receivers with the same channel and working range will hear the sound.

Leave us the answer, which one will you choose and tell the reason, we will choose 2 lucky customers from 10 and send one transmitter and one receiver as the free gift. If the feedback is less than 10 pieces, we will not send the gift. Share the blog, and tell your friends who need it and tell us your choice.

If you have any questions, pls email us at support@retekess.com.


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The Retekess TT122 caught my attention with its impressive 150m range, making it an ideal companion for my outdoor tours where staying connected is vital. Its wide coverage ensures reliable communication even in challenging environments. However, when it comes to ensuring uninterrupted operation throughout a full day tour, I lean towards the T130s. With its exceptional 20-hour battery life, the T130s provides me with the confidence to focus on my tour without worrying about running out of power.

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retekess t130 seems the best option forme especially for the design. I think the green screen can give an impression of less quality.

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Hello, I have contacted you via email. info@retekess.com

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I would think the TT122 Tour Guide is better, as it has a better range.

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