Why Choose Retekess TD177 Matrices Paging System?

Why Choose Retekess TD177 Matrices Paging System?

Why Choose Retekess TD177 Matrices Paging System?

We will compare it with the classic guest paging system T112 so that everyone can have a better understanding of this comprehensively upgraded TD177. Just like 5G replaced 4G, the replacement and comparison of old and new versions is the most intuitive way for everyone to feel the progress, and then everyone will find that this change will eventually be reflected in our daily lives.Retekess td177 matrices  paging system is definitely your best choice in Retekess.

1. Why T112 has become Retekess’ classic model? 

  1. It has simple design and functionality as well as affordable price. But now with the technological upgrade and development of the pager system, we need better pagers to help us with our work. Click here to learn more about T112.

2.What advantages does TD177 have over the T112?

The most outstanding feature of the Retekess TD177 Matrices  Paging System is that the company that chooses to use this product for service makes people more trustworthy and makes people feel the professionalism of the service. We strive to provide a paging system that allows customers to have a more professional working mode.

Stability of paging system

TD177 has clear design objectives. The stability of work tools is a particularly important aspect, as accidents may occur more frequently in certain service locations. So obviously the T177 has a Matrices  cascade charging post, non-slip plastic on the base, and wall mountable holes on the back of the charging base. The design of the base and recessed charging extends service life. It will have a more stable charging state and be less likely to fall off due to careless touching.

Comprehensive upgrade of basic functions

Complete basic functions are indispensable, pager has buzzing / vibration/light three reminder modes. Compared to the conventional operation of the T112, you can choose to turn on or off any one of the reminder modes. The over-range reminder countdown time 01-30min is adjustable. Support one key to change code, users can change all ID numbers at once. There is a small notch on the side of the pager, guests can touch it to turn off the alert from the pager. If the pager is set with over range alert or service countdown function, the alert will not be turned off until the pager is returned to the charging base.

Subtle design

Guests who get the pager will feel the professional working mode of the owner. A good paging system will be found to fit perfectly into our work. If you compare it to the pager design of the T112, you will find the latest design of smooth digital tubes on the bottom to assist in displaying a variety of status alerts, and the number paper can be replaced as a mini advertising space. The keypad has two power modes, you can put batteries in the keypad or plug the keypad in to make it work. Every design is integrated into the use so that it combines practicality and aesthetics.

Prevent the financial loss caused by some unexpected situations

The T112 has a simple operation, but it cannot prevent the financial loss caused by some unexpected situations. For example, if the pager does not have the over-range alert function or the one-touch group call function, it may be accidentally taken away by the customer or the pager may be forgotten somewhere. The TD177 has a one-button group call and an out-of-range alert function, so you don't have to worry about losing your pager without realizing it.

More possibilities

The TD177 is equipped with a usb cable and a free protocol file. And it can be paired with TD112 bracelet to assist customers to establish a more professional management system.

We believe TD177 will be a good partner in our work.Click here to learn more about TD177.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com. Thank you.

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