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What is the best FM frequency for a transmitter?

The FM broadcast band, used for FM broadcast radio by radio stations, differs between different parts of the world. Retekess TR502 work with the 88~108MHz. There is an 8-level RF power-adjustable, so you can choose the power that you need.  ...

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TR510 FM Transmitter 6 Reasons To Buy

FM Transmitter is widely used in church parking lots, conferences, drive-in cinemas, supermarkets, concerts, weddings, light shows, etc. It is not only good to keep a safe transmission distance but also to get a clear voice.  ...

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FM Transmitter TR509 How To Provide Drive-In Service

The FM transmitter is widely used in churches, movie theaters, concerts, campuses, or some large shopping malls, creating a safe communication environment.  ...

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Best FM Transmitter for Christmas Light Show

Retekess supply the best solution for you. With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to get creative with those Christmas light displays. So Retekess FM transmitter will help you run the light show.  ...

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Why Choose TR509 FM Transmitter

TR509 FM transmitters provide drive-in services for churches and theaters, also keep a safe communication distance for conferences and shopping malls, avoiding insecurity caused by crowds.  ...

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How to do Catholic Mass during the COVID-19 period?

Retekess FM broadcast transmitter is the long range transmitter, we have few models for your reference. Please check what watts you need, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com.  ...

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Retekess Annual Promotion | Come and Get the Coupon

Retekess focuses on wireless technology for almost 20 years.Our products includes Guest Paging System, Service Calling System, Tour Guide System for translation and tourism, FM Transmitter, and Radio Receivers. All the items request no WIFI to use and no extra communication costs. Welcome to place the order of Retekess products from Retekess Official Website to receiver the best price  ...

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What is the Difference Between TR507 and TR510?

You can use FM in many areas, it is very popular since 2020.3, the sales for TR501, TR502, TR507, and TR508 are increasing. Most of the models are out of stock, this year, we update the TR507 and make one TR510 to meet the needs.  ...

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