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How to do Catholic Mass during the COVID-19 period?

How to do Catholic Mass during the COVID-19 period?

How to do Catholic Mass during the COVID-19 period?

As we all know, now the COVID-19 is the world issue. It spreads all over the world now. Then most our work are having to stop during this time. But there are some information we need to broadcast during this time. How can we solve this problems?

FM transmitter can solve this problem. Retekess has few models FM broadcast transmitter, TR508 FM transmitter for drive in with FCCwhich the best product for you.  TR501, TR502, TR505 FM transmitter. TR501 FM transmitter is 1W/6W, it can reach 0.7-1.3 miles(1-2 km) in the open area, TR502 FM transmitter is 0-15W, it can reach 2-2.5 miles(3-4 km) in the open area. TR505 FM transmitter is 25W, it can reach 3-3.8 miles (5-6 km) in the open area. If you think this range is still no fit your needs. We have the 50W FM transmitter. It can reach 6.3-9.4 miles (10-15 km) in the open area.

With this long range broadcast transmitter, you can broadcast the information you want to the correct person, you just notice them to open the correct FM frequency, they will get the correct information.

I know that some one maybe want to stay in the car to listen the information, only their car can receive the FM signal, they can hear from the FM transmitter. 

Long range FM broadcast transmitter for church. It is the best product for broadcasting now.

Even after the COVID-19 issue, the product still can use for daily, for party, for Christmas and other activities. 

If any questions, feel free to contact us at support@retekess.com

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