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Top 3 Advantages of TW105 Window Intercom System

Top 3 Advantages of TW105 Window Intercom System

Top 3 Advantages of TW105 Window Intercom System

TW105 wireless intercom system 

The wireless intercom system is very popular at this time to ensure the people stay safe. It is so widely used just like we wear the masks in this pandemic. We have several models for many years, it is very popular with the bosses due to the cost-effective price. Most of the window speaker systems have the adjust volume keys, voice transmission indicator, one key to mute the other side. 

How to Choose a wireless window speaker system? And What is the good features of this intercom system? Today, I am gonna show the top 3 good features of TW05

What should we do if we want to play the recorded audio?

Retekess window speaker system

As we know in the bank, or information centers, say hello to the customers is very important to improve the customer's experience. 

For the new arrival TW105, it supports an external voice source. We have 2-keys call button, one key is for "welcome" and the other is for "goodbye". You can record it by yourself and send the audio to us, we will install it on the button. So we support to customize the voice by yourself. When you connect the call button with the TW105 intercom system, there will be a voice from the speaker. It will improve customers' satisfaction and improve your business. This feature is also a good feature of Retekess TW105.

How to use the window speaker system freely?

2.4G transmitter and receiver

TW105 will give you the solution: there is a Mic Jack in the back of the TW105. You can use one wireless Microphone transmitter with a Receiver to make it come true. You just need to plug the transmitter in the Mic jack, and then wear the Micphone, you will hear and talk within the working range. It is very convenient for some staff who need to walk around instead of sitting all the time.

How to make the customer hear me clearly?


The quality of the counter intercom affect the conversation quality, but the power of the system affects the sound directly. We have several types of window speaker system, which is 2W or 3W. So we made the TW105 as 5W, which means that the sound is more clear and louder. If you work in a place where there are many voices, this is the better choice.

The development of our products is always based on our clients' needs for requirements. So if you need our help, pls feel free to contact me at support@retekess.com

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