How to Choose Watch Receiver Among Few Models?

How to Choose Watch Receiver Among Few Models?

How to Choose Watch Receiver Among Few Models?

In 2022 July, Retekess has a new watch receiver TD112 on the market. Until now, we have a few models of watch receiver, TD110, TD106, TD108, and T128 watch receiver. You may be concerned, about how to choose a watch receiver from them.

How to choose a watch receiver among those models?

First, you need to know the features of them, then you will know how to choose from them.

The TD112 watch pager receiver is waterproof. It supports 7 languages, English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Deutsch, French, and Portuguese.

It has 3 working models, for general, it is working for both call buttons and keypad.

For the choose receiver model, which means when you pair 2 more keys call button, you can choose the receiver to receive the call from all the call buttons or only one of them or 2 of them. It can be used by managers, if you want to receive a special call from them, you can choose this mode.

For the single model, you can pair each key with a call button, this function is working for the business if you need each staff responsible for one service, not all the services. Or for the kitchen to call the staff.

Except for all the above functions, you can connect with the PC to program the watch receiver.

watch receiver td112

For the T128, it is a very popular watch receiver.

It has 2 working modes, a normal one, and a single mode. It has an English version now.

For the TD108, it doesn’t have a single mode. Only the normal model, but it has the 3 languages, English, Portuguese and Russian.

The TD106 is also waterproof. When you charge the device, you need to remove the belt to charge.

In summary, if you need a waterproof one, it is better to choose TD112. If you need a single mode to use in the kitchen, T128 and TD112 watch receivers are good choices. If you need Russian, TD108 is a good choice.

But most of the functions TD112 works better. So you can definitely choose the new model TD112 watch pager.

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