Why Choose TR508 FM Transmitter for Drvive-in Church?

Why Choose TR508 FM Transmitter for Drvive-in Church?

Why Choose TR508 FM Transmitter for Drvive-in Church?

How can I choose the FM transmitter and which one the best?

Many people have the same confusion, I guess. Retekess focuses on wireless technology for about 11 years and we care about every customer's needs. And we are professional to make the products and provide the solutions for personal, company, organization.

We sell TR501, TR502, TR505 for about 5 years, it is very popular among the customers. People like it due to high quality and cost-effective. So in the COVID-19 period, the sale for all Retekess is a boom. A few days later, all the FM transmitters are out of stock, so we try to find the other way to meet the needs. TR508 is making out, we collect many customers' needs and all the features of our previous model types. 

So let's check the reason why you need Retekess TR508

HiFi and high stability

The motherboard adopts a new generation of integrated special-purpose digitally controlled FM PLL stereo wireless transmitter chip BH1415 from Japan ROHM Company. Highly stable signal transmission


the control board consists of AT89C2051 and AT24C02; the rear stage is amplified by two 2SC3355 and one 2SC2053 three-stage power to ensure the output effect of stereo sound

Stable signal

tight structural design, no frequency drift due to external signal induction

Excellent heat dissipation

The casing is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which is light and has good heat dissipation effect, which can ensure the stability of continuous operation of the equipment

Easy to operate

The panel uses LCD to display the transmission frequency, connect other hardware according to the logo of each interface, and the adjustment is convenient and intuitive

Frequency changed

100mW and 500mW power can be switched arbitrarily

Support Mic and Audio at the same time

There are 2 jacks, one is for Mic and the other is for Audio, you can use them at the same time

FCC part 15 compliant

Has FCC ID and compliant part 15, you can use it legally

We also have the power FM transmitter, such as TR502, TR505, if you want to know more, pls feel free to email us at support@retekess.com

And we also have the portable FM transmitter FT11 with Mic, If you want to know more, email us too.

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