Push for Service

Wireless Service Calling System

The wireless calling systems allow guests to use the push button to seek service, and the staff can receive service requests through the LCD display or watch pagers in time. It is also available as a staff paging system. Greatly improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The push for service system is widely used in restaurants, hotels, theaters, hospitals, clinics, stores, factories, and many other places where customers may need assistance.

Retekess service call system

The service call system includes watch receivers and display receivers, various types of call buttons, and repeaters. Different configurations can be used in multiple scenarios. Get the call system configured for your business from here.

Retekess nurse call system

The wireless nurse call system is a product portfolio solution suitable for care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. Including nurse station receiver, corridor wall receiver, watch receiver, call button, and repeater. Choose a suitable plan for your business.

Retekess call button

Retekess call button needs to be used with Retekess watch receiver or display receiver. Our call buttons have multiple colors and appearances. Buttons with different numbers of keys from 1-5 can be used with table call button transmitters or keypad transmitters. The launch distance ranges from 30 meters to 300 meters, you can choose according to your needs.

Retekess watch reveiver

The watch receiver can be used with any Retekess call buttons, which are comfortable to wear and easy to use. We have watch receivers with different performances, languages, and colors to choose from.

Retekess wireless calling system display receiver

The wireless calling system display receiver can be used with any type of Retekess call button. Display receivers of different sizes and colors can clearly display group calls and export call records. Different displays can show different groups of numbers at one time. Besides we provide customized displays showing different groups of numbers.

Retekess pager system repeater

Repeaters help extend the distance of the wireless service calling system by two to three times. And the TD021 repeater supports the use of multiple repeaters in one system. Our two repeaters are suitable for most models of products, and special models support customization.

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Combination with repeaters makes the distance longer

Customize call name information displayed on T128 watch

Prompt time adjustable from 0-15s

5 Notices Modes include vibration, light, and buzzer

Multiple functions and easy operation

  • 100m long coverage in open areas
  • Customized display information on watch receiver
  • Adjustable Prompt Modes
$175.99 $169.99

Comprehensive restaurant server paging system for staff and guests paging and calling all In one

Kitchen uses keyboard to call waiter to serve food

Button is used for customers to call the waiter for service

IPX7 level waterproof, support PC operation (No monthly fee)

Various custom settings, 2 reminder methods, watch ID can be customized with letters and numbers, etc

Can be paired with 500 call buttons

Support 7 languages, English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, French, and German

  • Restaurant server paging system for staff and guests
  • Support 7 languages(English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, French, and German)
  • Customized alphanumeric display
  • IPX7 waterproofness
$175.99 $159.99

WiFi connectivity and serves as a self-alarm or traditional alarm host

Remote monitoring can stay updated on family's health status by remotely checking device usage through the app

Receive notifications when the host's battery level drops below 20%, ensuring efficient charging management

Easily access the button by wearing it around your neck with the attached lanyard for added convenience

Call records can be viewed through the APP

$23.99 $19.99

WiFi connectivity for alarm function call button for elderly

Remote device usage monitoring and family health status checking via app

Low battery reminder for efficient charging management

Add up to 24 wifi buttons as needed

Convenient wearable design with attached lanyard for easy neck placement

$36.99 $32.99

Compact and portable medical pager, suitable for a variety of medical and service calling places

500m/1640ft (in open area) working range paging system

Three color call levels easily distinguish patient call status

32-bit LED dot matrix display, max up to 256 buttons

Power-off memory function makes setup easier

6 adjustable volumes and can be connected to external speakers

$109.99 $89.99

32-bit LED dot matrix display, compatible with 256 call buttons

500m/1640ft (in open area) working range

3 colors of alarm lights distinguish the urgency of the call

Portable and lightweight, convertible bracket comes with each call button

Power-off memory function, no need to reset after power outage

IP67 waterproof one-key call button

Timeout reminder never miss call

$102.99 $82.99

Long calling range up to 2000m (in open area) or more

32-bit LED dot matrix display, compatible with 256 nuser call buttons

IP67 waterproof quality

3 colors of alarm call lights distinguish the urgency of the patient call

Power off the memory function of the host, no need to reset it after a power outage

$201.99 $152.99

Adapted to watch receiver and display receiver of Retekess

Effortlessly placed the device using double-sided adhesive stickers press for service button

Low Battery Reminder;Stay informed with a reminder when it's time to replace the batteries

Removable Battery;Easily replace batteries for uninterrupted monitoring and assistance

IP55 Waterproof; Designed to withstand splashes and light rain, ensuring durability in various environments


15 volume level of T114 Display Receiver,supports external audio devices

Add up to 999 call buttons,can serve more customers

Bracket and string hole design of receiver,Call button comes with stickers ,both them can be wall mounted

Working range up to 394-656ft in open area ,high sensitivity receiving technology

6 Prompt modes,visual and audible double reminder

Low battery reminder and removable battery of TD036 call button,say goodbye to the frustration of running out of battery

$89.99 $79.99

Retekess IPX7 waterproof TD112 watch receiver with IP55 life waterproof TD036 Push for Service wireless call button

Support 7 languages setting of TD112 watch, English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, French, and German

Low battery reminder of call button,receive prompts in time

Removable battery of call button, supports 2 AAA batteries

Standby for 48-72 hours after being fully charged

Stable signal, long distance


$95.99 $86.99

Voice calls, hosting, and extensions enable voice call groupings.

7-inch TFT screen is tempered and has a capacitive touch feature.

The extension has very low power consumption and long battery life.

The host allows for voice recording and broadcasting. Installation is inexpensive and does not require any wiring.

This system is ideally suited for the service industry, including independent private rooms at restaurants, teahouses, chess rooms, offices, and clubhouses

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Two-way voice calls, host, and extension can group voice calls

7-inch TFT, tempered capacitive touchscreen

Extension ultra-low power consumption, long battery life

The host supports voice recording broadcast function

No wiring required, low-cost installation

Suitable for service industry, such as independent private rooms in restaurants, teahouses, chess rooms, offices, and clubhouses

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$439.99 $399.99

Retekess TD154 Wireless Waiter Call System Includes 1 TD029 Keypad and 5/9/12 TD112 Watch Pagers (quantity optional)

IPX7 level waterproof, support PC operation (No monthly fee)

Customizable keys' names, meet your needs

The different 2 keypads in 2 positions can call 1 watch pager at the same time

OLED display, clear and low power consumption

Fast charging, fully charged in 3 hours, standby time 48-72 hours

7 languages: English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Deutsch, French, and Portuguese


$249.99 $198.99

External antenna, measured open range can reach 300 meters

TD112 watch pager has IPX7 level waterproof

Use the special charging clip to charge, it can be fully charged in 3 hours

Watch can standby for 48 hours after full charging

TD005 is 5-keys call button, and call watch by one press

Suitable for chef in restaurant to call waiters or manager in factory to call workers 

$219.99 $209.99

TD112 IPX7 waterproof and can be paired with various models of Retekess call buttons

Good helper to collect the review from customers and improve service quality

Suitble for restaurant manager to admin the customer service and deal with bad comments

Updated version, compatible with keypads and buttons, especially the TD034 customer reviews button

Support PC software setting and calling, convient to manage restaurant staff



IPX7 level waterproof for TD112 pager watch

Fast charging, fully charged in 3 hours

Customizable keys, set the keys' names to suit your needs

IP55 waterproof design to prevent oil and water invasion

80M outdoors effective call distance - long distance, able to cover a variety of usage scenarios

1/2/3/4 serialized buttons, which can meet the needs of multiple scenarios

Use in humid environments, suitable for restaurants, bars, hot pots, etc


3 groups of numbers are displayed at the same time

9 key values, 8 voice broadcast modes to choose from

Equipped with a 2W speaker, the voice is clear and loud

Multi-language support, simple operation, and easier to use

Can be used for about 4-5 hours when fully charged


Watch Pager Receiver use dot matrix LCD screen to maintain the image clarity

Rechargeable 400mAh battery for the watch receiver

Support single key and multi-key functions

Screen brightness can be adjusted from 0-5

Customize the button name of T128 pager watch

The signal receive distance is 164ft to 656ft (50m to 200m)


Use in different applications queue and service calling system

With a button battery, no time will be lost after power off

Partition settings can be made to set up 6 areas to meet different needs

Add a call button on this setting mode, each area add 99 call button 

Support keypad you can add 999 channels 4 groups of call numbers can be displayed on the screen


Wireless calling system for restaurant supports 999 push buttons

3-key call button: call, cancel, pay

Long-range communication 262 feet in open areas

3 prompt modes: number speaker, music, ding dong

Suitable for restaurant, food court, cafe, bar, hotel, medical, office, factory