Can I Use the Headset with TW106 Intercom System?

Can I Use the Headset with TW106 Intercom System?

Can I Use the Headset with TW106 Intercom System?

Due to the COVI-19, the window speaker system is widely used in many applications, such as hospitals, service centers, schools, churches, banks, airports, stations, supermarkets, resorts, hotels, stadiums, and so on. The sales of 2020 increased about 600% than before. So how do we use it? Let's check an example in the restaurants.

Since 2020, the block is requested in many countries, due to that the case is increased too much every day. The increasing of cases caused the fear of outside. People don't want to go outside anymore. But what if people want to take the meal outside? How to make sure the staff and customers, and customers and customers be safe? Many restaurants take several measures.

1, Must wear masks in the public. It can keep the 80% virus if we wear the masks. so it is necessary to keep safe.

2, Keep 1M with others. Beyond the 1M, the virus can be kept at 90%.

3, Using the window intercom system in the public, such as in restaurants, you can install the glass on the counter, and put the main body on the desk, and stick the out speaker on the glass, so that people can keep safe the most important thing is that people can hear others clearly. Retekess has focused on the system for many years. Recently, we have 6 models in stock, from TW101 to TW106, each intercom system has the features. For TW106, it is the most popular type, due to the high-quality voice. 

5W intercom system

For TW106, many customers also whether it supports headset working? The answer is yes. Pls check the detail about how to use it in different situations.

TW106 Press both buttons Don't put any Press inside button Press outside button​
Mic of headset NO YES​ YES​ NO​
Speaker of main body NO  YES​ NO​ YES​
Mic of Main body NO  NO​ NO​ NO​
Outside speaker NO  YES​ YES​ NO
Mic for outside speaker YES YES​ YES​ YES​

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