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Category Archives :Product Introduction

Retekess TD017 touchable wireless call button

Retekess TD017 one key call button with touchable key. It is very easy to use. Just one touch, the receiver will receive the call. It has the indicator so you can confirm it send successfully. If any qustions, feel free to email us at  ...

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How to install Retekess two way intercom system?

Retekess provide the two way intercom system to help people keep distance. It is very easy to install, if you have concern, feel free to check this blog. Any other questions, feel free to email us at  ...

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Except Retekess PR13 FM receiver, what other receiver can you choose

Retekess has a new FM receiver TR612, It has two repset channel, it is convenient for using. Except PR13, you have another choice now. Please check it, if any, feel free to email us at  ...

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Retekess supply the best solution for the restaurant to improve your business and help you arrange the customer's flow. Choose the best restaurant paging system for your business.  ...

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The most cost-effective 2.4G tour guide system?

Recently we have the TT122 on market. The product is 2.4G with long range 150 meters in the open area. it is very cost-effetive. If you need it, feel free to email us at  ...

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What accessories do Retekess have for the Tour guide system?

For the tour guide system, people may need different accessories according to the usage. You may not see many options on our website. But we have it, feel free to check this blog and email us at  ...

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Solution -Wireless Calling System for Factory Warehouse

The wireless call button is widely used in many applications, such as restaurant, cafe, bank, service center, factory, and warehouse. It will improve the communication between the staffs, especially between the workers and technical staff in the factory due to the large area.  ...

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Which Retekess Call Button Work in the Longest Range?

wireless calling system is very popular in a hard time, people need to put the call button on the table, when the customer press the call button, the servicer will get the signal via the watch receiver.  ...

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What is the difference between Guest paging system and Service calling system?

Retekess provide both guest paging system and service calling system, what is the difference betweent them and how do you use them? Please check this artical, any questions, email us at  ...

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Top 2 Best Wireless Restaurant Pager Call Button

Wireless call buttons can be used in the restaurant to calling waiters in this hard time. It can keep a safe distance. For the call buttons, we have one-key, two-key, three-key, and four-key type, you can choose it by yourself.  ...

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