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What’s the Difference Between TD158 and TD163 Guest Pager System

What’s the Difference Between TD158 and TD163 Guest Pager System

What’s the Difference Between TD158 and TD163 Guest Pager System

Retekess TD163 Restaurant Pager System is the new model developed by Retekess. The TD163 pagers are compatible with TD158 pagers. Many customers concern about the difference between TD163 paging system and the upgraded TD158 model. This article will tell you the details, hope it helpful for your decision on the purchase.


Retekess TD163 guest pager is 3mm thinner than TD158 guest pager. Smaller size if more convenient put in a pocket. Of course, different people may like a different size. Another obvious difference is TD163 designed keypad transmitter and charging base together, and TD163 supports charging 20 pagers at the same time, more convenient and saves space.


Retekess TD163 Paging System adopts advance chip, the signal is more stable and the range is about 500m in the open area, 200m longer than TD158 model. 


For TD163 Pager System, the price is USD219. And for the same quantities pagers of TD158 model, the price is USD239

In addition to the different features between the coaster paging system, they also have more features in common.

Both of the coaster paging systems could add up to 998 pagers

Anti-splash waterproof

Programmable by yourself

Logo space for your business

1-250s reminder time adjustable

More than one keypad transmitters from different areas to call the same guest pager

4 levels of beep/flash speed for guest pager

Vibration function

Long standby time of the guest pagers

Low power alarm function

Of course, not all businesses need long range paging system and up to 20 pagers, if so, you could consider of TD158 model or other Retekess Coaster Pagers.

Retekess provides and continues to develop the Guest Pager System for customers to keep you stay connected with customers in an easy and reliable way.

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