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Retekess TR504 FM transmitter work with TR108 FM receiver is more


TR504 FM transmitter supports long-range(300m in an open area)

TR108 portable FM receiver earphone supports better experience in the use 


Retekess TR502 FM Transmitter 8-level RF power-adjustable

FM broadcast transmitter for drive-in service

TR502 FM transmitter supports MIC/AUX /U-disk/Bluetooth Audio Input

PC control


TR509 FM Transmitter is approved by FCC and IC

Long range transmitter with stable signal transmission

Stereo audio mode and accept speak and audio input at the same time

Works well with mixer board

FM transmitter for drive in church service, theater, factories, schools, supermarkets, farms, light show and create your own radio station

$89.99 $74.99

TR510 FM Transmitter use the latest chip QN8007 to produce the more stable

signal with NO noise

Broadcast radio station with the frequency of 76-108Mhz, and allows you preset 3

frequencies for convenience to use

Multi-input ways: USB flash drive, Bluetooth, Aux, and Mic

Adopts CPU microprocessor, can preset and memorize frequency, LCD display


Magnet-mount antenna 

Remote antenna with 5m extension cable

Suitable for TR501 TR502 TR508 TR509 FM transmitter


TR504 FM transmitter Long-range and easy to use Support 4 levels (0.01W;0.05W;0.2W; 0.6W) of output power 3.5mm AUX input Support TF card player


Portable FM transmitter 4 levels of adjustable power output

Built-in 1500mAh lithium battery

Support TF card and AUX line-in

Crystal sound quality


TR501 FM stationary transmitter with stable signal

Mono/stereo switchable


TR505 FM broadcast transmitter support TF card player USB sound card input

Display OLED screen 


TR503 FM transmitter Frequency response: 60Hz-15KHz USB to Micro USB Charging Built-in 450mAh rechargeable lithium battery


Retekess TR506 fm transmitter adjustable power (0.01mW/10mW/100mW/200mW)


Low power FM transmitter complies with part 15 of FCC rule, 3.5mm jack for Microphone and audio cable, BNC Type antenna output, LCD digital display, jack for DC 11-13V 


Two-way communication

TT105 two-way radio transmitter features an innovative design created

not only ideal for use in family outdoor activity but also for various small businesses


Wireless microphone for Retekess FM broadcast transmitters Deep and clear sound quality Convenient to carry and easy to use No interference Range from the radio station up to 15m


Retekess TR108 portable FM in-ear earphone with Bluetooth

As FM receiver can with FM transmitter and radio 

Supports Bluetooth call and receive function

As an FM radio with simple operation 

Black matte texture on the surface, more fashionable


The transmitter belongs to TT106 Tour Guide system.

The transmitter cannot be used alone, it needs to be used together with the TT106 receiver.

Tour guide transmitter has a mute function.

Working time up to 25h after fully charged.


TR503 wireless FM transmitter and PR13 radio receiver Tour guide system 1 transmitter and 5 receivers Very easy to use


Wireless tour guide system support 99 groups to operate simultaneously

microphone wireless transmitter:1 transmitter could work with as many receivers as you need;

30-50 meters communication distances

Easy to set up and carry around

900mAh lithium rechargeable battery for the transmitter,12 hours last upon full charge

600mAh lithium rechargeable battery for the receiver18 hours last upon full charge

Clarity and consistency of the wireless signal.