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How to use the Window Speaker System TW106 with Headset

How to use the Window Speaker System TW106  with Headset

How to use the Window Speaker System TW106 with Headset

 Window Speaker System products play an important role in many industries, such as banks, food trucks, hospitals and other situations where both sides need to achieve barrier-free communication across glass, walls and other obstacles, window intercoms can help communicators on both sides of the barrier to better receive and express information.

  Different industries and different working environments will have more needs for the use of Window Speaker System products, for example, if multiple employees are in the same office at work, then in their answers to questions or listen to customer needs, if only use the host speaker, the sound will overlap, thus appearing unclear, noisy environment.

If you want to create a quieter, staff do not disturb each other's work environment, in addition to our regular contact about the window desk, the use of the sound out of the way can not meet the need to achieve such needs with headset. Window Desk TW106 can be well adapted to headset, and meet the relevant needs.


Here is how to use the Window Speaker System TW106 with 3.5mm diameter headset

Press the "inside" and "outside" keys at the same time, at this time the host headset can clearly hear the sound from the extension microphone, but other functions are not available. This mode is suitable for the host can access the information of the external extension and do not want the extension to hear the sound from the internal host.

  1. At the same time do not press the "inside" "outside" key, at this time, except for the host microphone function can not be used, other functions in the transmission of sound can work normally. This mode is suitable for novice employees who are not familiar with the operation of the window intercom, will not miss any sound information transmitted through the window desk, but the environment will be relatively noisy.
  2. Press the "inside" button, then the headset and headset microphone can completely replace the role of the internal host speaker and microphone. Only from the headset to hear the sound, only through the headset microphone to transmit sound to the extension. This mode can well meet the requirements of the quiet environment, but also good access to the sound information transmitted from the extension. When employees are skilled in operation, they can switch between this mode and the "press inside/outside" mode, which can basically solve their daily work needs.
  3. Press the "outside" key, at this time only the external extension microphone, internal host speakers and headphones can be used, this mode is not recommended when used with headphones.

In addition to a good match with headset, the Window Speaker System TW106 itself also has very good sound quality and durable quality. We also have a variety of Window Speaker System on sale for you to choose from. You can click here for more information of window speaker products , and if you have any questions, you can contact us .

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